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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 2, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter: since this video was seen. a 16 year old transgender about his ordeal at hercules high school. >> reporter:speaking out about being bullied. and about not receiving the proper help. kron 4's j.r. stone is
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following the story. and has more from richmond, where a special school board meeting is being held right now. >> reporter: i will explain in the next edition of people being badly. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: speaking out about his ordeal at hercules high- school. speaking out about being bullied and not receiving the proper help. pam moore from richmond especial board meeting was held right now. >> reporter: belleek and try to get help from an assistant principal of that woman was unsure as to what
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steps to take. >> this because you are different you get name calling and picked on and bullet. harassed. all of those i still feel unsafe like i have to keep my guard down. i have to look everywhere. look behind me yes i actually did try to get health from my vice principal but i guess i started getting bullied and harassed by people and name- calling and i did not know what to do. just kind of like a enough enough is enough.
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suspended >> reporter: after the fight. those with the school board says bullying cases in suspension cases are dealt with this is an example that more needs to be done. and richmond j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> reporter:developing right now.searchers are looking for this plane.missing since a family of five from san jose was on board. >> reporter:the search is focused near the small isaho town of yellow pine. the plane took off from baker city oregon montana. >> reporter:engine trouble was reported.but sign of the plane or the family.and snowy weather is hurting their search efforts.
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>> reporter:kron four's jeff bush is live tonight in san jose.where neighbors of the family on board are hoping what >> reporter: officials tell kron4 that the owner of the airplane is the one piloting the aircraft. how many or it is unclear who is on that airplane and what has happened specifically. engine troubles or the guard went out for rescue mission but had to turn back because of bad weather. there will be back up tomorrow searching in the air and on ground. >> pam: developing tonight. >> pam: a playstation- 4 video game sale. turns deadly. police have arrested a suspect accused of shooting and killing a man. who was trying to sell a
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playstation- 4 in san francisco. >> pam: 21 year old -- ronnie collins of san francisco. was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery. meantime. the victim has been identified as e-kenna u-wa-ka of daly city. kron 4's justine waldman reports. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> reporter: according to police on sunday arranging to sell eight place station online and with his girlfriend to the bayview district to complete the deal. the buyer came up and shot and killed as he sat in his car. >> all the cheese >>oh know
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>> reporter: spent friends and family are grieving and time is only making this worst. he was supposed to hit back in santa monica for college and now his family are planning his hero. funeral. >> pam: that will also consider starting a task force. deputy shot lopez
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after believeing his fake gun was an assault rifle. >> reporter:people in the vallejo area are on high alert tonight. after several a-t-m robberies kron 4's scott rates has the latest details of the investigation. and shows us how these robberies are happening. >> reporter: using the pen number he would type in and start taking money out of the person's account police
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say that this has happened three times in the last week in vallejo and what is exactly what has happened at this bank of america. it turned out to be silent when a woman called the suspect entering her number after the transaction. grabbing her by her throat and pinning her up against the wall and finished taking her money. piper are warning to be barry aware of the surroundings especially on around people. >> reporter: if you have any information you are asked to call the vallejo police department accurate >> pam: changes in our forecast.are on the way tonight. changes that will bring very cold temperatures. our chief meterologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center with a first look at what's ahead.
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jacqueline? >> jacqueline: and may not look like much uc a lot of the snow and rain which is to the east of the us but the main front associated with the system is draping across northern california. here it is we will see some light approaching us as know as well. but the main impact of the storm is cold a blast of cold arctic air clear it >> jacqueline: the main impact will be the cold. struggling to get into the 50s. we are in from some we are in for some frigid air. in a freeze watch has
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already been issued. i will tell you more coming up. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: a new report from the california department of water resources says. the golden state could be facing a third straight, dry winter. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter:two years ago, california's rainy season started dry and finished wet. last year, the opposite happened. we had a wet november and december and then nothing. overall both of those winters were on the dry side. currently, the state's about 69 percent of norl for this time of year. that's not to bad, but unless it starts raining we could be in trouble. >> reporter:this report, which was put together for the department of water resources by researchers in colorado, predicts that a indeed a third dry winter is a very real possibility. here's why. >> reporter:in the past, warm el nino or cold la nina ocean conditions in the pacific have been a good indicator of whether or not california would have a rainy winter. but this year, ocean temperatures are essentially neutral. that.. combined with historical weather patterns... has led researches to make 3 predictions. first, the
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report indicates that there will be >> reporter:- dry conditions for most of california, especially in the southern part of the state. >> reporter:2nd, there will be -near normal to drier than normal conditions for the colorado river basin. >> reporter: nevada's lake mead, is a key source of water for southern california and 3rd, researches say that there is -a chance that el nino conditions.. late in the rainy season.. could bring moisture to the state.. especially southern half. >> reporter:finally, even though this report predicts a dry winter it also notes that just two or three good storms could easily make it a wet one. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: after receiving the go-ahead from doctors the teen set on fire, while sleeping on an a-c transit bus, returned to school today. this is video of the gender- neutral senior - sasha fleischman - being dropped off at maybeck high school in berkeley earlier
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today >> reporter: >> pam: sasha is wearing a black skirt and walking with a noticeable limp. sasha spent 3-weeks in the hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns after being set on fire last month. doctor's expect sasha to make a complete recovery. >> pam: meantime, the 16- year-old oakland high school student charged with sasha 's skirt on fire is scheduled to be in court later this month. >> reporter:a soccer celebrity's wife.generating outrage after posting this picutre of herself.barely four days after delivering a child. >> reporter:wait til you see the picture of her 38 weeks preggers.and what you're saying about this new era of post-pegnancy social media etiquite. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: shoppers pointing and clicking on their favorite items, while retailers hope to hear the register ring. >> pam: dozens of people remember a toddler struck and killed by a car. what they're saying about this gut- wrenching loss. and a hollywood a-lister dies after a horrific car crash. that has his friends
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>> pam: we now know why this commuter train derailed yesterday in new york city. >> pam: it was just going too fast. as it came up on a curve. the national transportation safety board says, the train was traveling 82 - miles- an- hour, when it should have been slowing to 30- miles- an- hour. >> pam: four people were killed, including jim lovell, a married father of three boys. >> pam: his family spoke to c-n-n's anderson cooper. >>"i just want to say that he was a very loving father and i miss him a lot, and everybody cared about him. everybody." >> pam: the engineer told officials, he applied the brakes but the train did not slow down. >> pam: investigators say, they are not aware of any
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problem with the brakes. they also say, they're looking at the engineer's cell phone records. >> jacqueline: 61 antioch, 65 in pleasanton but we are in for a big change for the overnight hours. here is the main band of rain but we are not seen much rain what it we are seeing very cold arctic temperatures headed our way. between 5 and 7 have a small chance of a shower. and definitely cooler than to that. and then through the rest of the week and will be very cold talking cloudy but no rain
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here comes the cold front. here locally we do have a chance of a very light shower. we still see snow and the sierra. it is quan to stay clear into tuesday night. so out the door to mount it is one to be chilly but nowhere near as what we will see into wednesday. as we move into the afternoon that is one we are going to notice the difference over today. toman their early in the low 50s. this early corn to be dramatically colder.
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the entire bay area except for san francisco. elsewhere temperatures in the 20's and '30's widespread frost and freezing temperatures for several hours in the north the bay. a half foot of snow wednesday afternoon on the cold side noticed the clear skies, and lance would lead to those temperatures in the 20's and 30's. expecting some warming will stay fairly chile with showers this budget on friday. >> reporter:early numbers are in.and this one looks like a record breaker.
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cyber monday online shopping today. is up more than 20 percent compared to the same day last year. analysts say almost a third of all internet shopping is being done on mobile devices like phones and tablets. according to the national retail federation.four out of 5 retailers have cyber monday deals. and if you miss out today.don't worry. >> around december 15th a lot of jury and other items will be available. looking for holiday gifts consumers will be out. >> reporter:cyber monday is expected to be the busiest day of the year for fed- ex.which plans to ship about 22 million >> reporter: see new technology to connect with customers and and why. coming up
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>> reporter: and low blow that's legal in the nba. . >> pam: and coming this thursday at 9pm gary sits down with warriors guard stephen curry for the premiere of sports's a brand new show featuring lively debate and big time interviews. check out our facebook page at sports night live for more. >> pam: and "like us" for a chance to win a 2-thousand dollar home theater system.
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>> pam: brick and mortar businesses are looking to technology. to help them know their customers, as they walk in the door. >>the idea is to track customer buying habits. just like amazon and the other big online shopping sites already do. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with one local, small business trying out a
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new, high tech system. >> reporter: they are doing something really cool by implementing new technology to connect with customers and an entirely new way. >> reporter: immediately the act recommends trees that they may like on their past purchases and offered discounts or special build customized to the user the company that developed the system that seiko is testing out. >> take whole point of sale or app. keiko point of sale or app. incentives to try new products. the fun
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shopping experience. we introduce them to new products and reward them aswell. >> reporter: the cake called mobile app will be available next week. gate ox slate kron 4 news
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>> pam: a soccer star's wife just gave birth.and her body is already heating up the internet. we'll share what you're saying about this amazing "selfie". >> pam: the latest in a tug- of-war with north korea to free a bay area man held hostage. soon.but could his death have been prevented? tonight -- more people are speaking out about his loss. >> jacqueline: frigid temperatures are on the way. a freeze watch temperatures
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in the 20's and '30's we will talk more about that plus the next
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 8:30-- >> pam: a new mom is sharing her old figure. just days after giving birth. grant is back to fill us in on this story. that's quickly gone global. grant? >> pam: pam this is a debate that's being more and more common in this era of social media sharing and posting personal pics.recently we had the sacramento mom who was banned from facebook for posting pictures and commentary about her post- baby figure and plus-size women. >> reporter:now we have a norweigan woman.who's making people mad for instagramming this picture of her just four days after giving birth. >> reporter:her name - caroline berg eriksen.she's married to norwegian soccer star lars kristian eriksen. the 26-year old fitness
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blogger is seen in her bra and underwear.washboard stomach >> reporter:the caption: i feel so empty , and still not 4 days after birth." >> reporter:some people started railing on berg eriksen on the posting.i feel fat because soccer lady has given birth.another saying.i think we're a different species. >> reporter:others are telling her to ignore the jealous haters. >> reporter:berg eriksen responded on facebook: >> reporter:'i let out the picture because i'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy/ birth, and i think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be,' >> reporter:sarah marie she is lucky to look this way after giving birth!!!!! flaunt it girl!! >> reporter:an investigation underway
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>> reporter: what is that smell? they are wearing that jealousy: unknown. >> reporter: ever looked at creek i would posted to. looked that great... i would post iy it too >> pam: and an investigation under way 'fast and furious' star. paul walker. walker and his racing partner died this weekend in a fiery automobile crash. as fans mourn the loss.authorities are trying to figure out how the two men died. kron 4's vicki liviakis joins us now with the latest. vicki? >> reporter:new details are emerging about the car crash that killed fast and furious
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star - paul walker. drag racing has now been possible factor in his death. >> reporter:gone too soon. >> reporter:that's what family, friends and fans of paul walker are saying about the fast and furious actor's demise. walker, and driver roger rodas, were killed instantly in the explosive crash on saturday. >> reporter:jim torp, a friend of walker, witnessed the horror. >>".the tragic thing is there's so many speculations about drag racing, doing donuts, drifting around the corner. that never happened, that never happened." >> reporter:investigators confirm there was no second vehicle involved in the crash. they do say speed may have been a factor. walker's love of speed -- both on and off the set -- was well-known fans say it's a bizarre case of life imitating art - in the death of the fast and furious star. >> reporter:even making the eery connection of movie star james dean in his fatal crash so many years ago.
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walker will be remembered for the passion he brought to everything he did. >>"it's just amazing the things that i've seen. the things that i've done. the people i've met in that short period of time. it's just -- you know -- i don't ever want it to end." >> reporter: when a truck making a left turn struck him at two others killing the boy. >> families and the neighborhood have to watch their children and the careful crossing the street. >> reporter: those living in this area says is not a surprise because of vehicles going to fast. >> every morning she wakes up and they're always cars glide past on the the >> has always been an issue
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was speeding up and down the street. >> reporter: term by street back into a two-way street. but so far this city has not mustered the money to make it happen. >> the city has been working on this for over tangiers spirit 10 years >> reporter: to be very careful when crossing the street. >> i really think twice before i do this now walking my brother or call street >> reporter: preparing for the young boys from the role which will take place on tuesday. in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news
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>> pam: the white house is making a plea for a palo alto man to come home from north korea, where he's being held by the communist government. >> pam: this is video of merrill newman making a so- called apology over the weekend. the korean war vet said he was sorry for war crimes he committed. his friends and family say this apology was clearly scripted. >> pam: though it seems north korea is reveling in neman's detention, some analysts expect newman could be released soon. >>"so this is baffling. but this is a new regime of the new leader. and i suspect he's sending different signals but nobody knows what those signals are." >> pam: inside edition has released another photo of newman. >> pam: it shows him enjoying his 10-day tour of north korea before being detained. >> pam: a swedish ambassador has met with newman and said he was received medications sent by his family.
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>>".girly stuff" >> pam: coming up-- >> pam: 49ers players trade in their helmets for santa hats today. doing some christmas shopping today with bay area kids in need. >> pam: plus: viewers in north dakota got quite the surprise saturday night when will ferrell -- a-k-a ron burgundy -- co-anchored an entire newscast.
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>> reporter:stay classy, bismarck. >> reporter:viewers in north dakota got quite the surprise saturday night when will ferrell -- a-k-a ron burgundy -- co-anchored an entire 30-minute newscast on k-x-m-b-tv. >> reporter:the actor came complete with his signature ron burgundy rust-colored suit. there were also plenty of awkward pauses and questionable comments. >>.don't get any ideas >> reporter:the team expected ferrell to end with his "stay classy" catchphrase, but he missed the cue, saying:
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>>"what? am i supposed to read that?" >> reporter:the movie anchorman two is due out in time for christmas. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> pam: out of five options the winning name was about bowel which means precious and treasurer. baba >> pam: >> reporter: coming up people behaving badly!
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would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears? i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños,
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melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow! >> pam: several 49ers players swapped their helmets for santa hats this afternoon in san jose. it began with a huddle as players were paired with low-income kids before fanning out across a target store armed with a long list of gift ideas for their families. >> pam: joe looney, anquan boldin, colt mccoy and a half dozen others showing lots of patience in the toy aisles, getting some ideas of their own no doubt. giving back and getting something back in return. >>"".these kids faces."
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each child was given a gift >> pam: card worth $300 dollars, courtesy of the 49ers and visa. the young people receiving the gifts are members of st. justin's parish community. eight dogs. volunteers will take the dogs around the airport with vests that say "pet me!" the s- p -c -a is holding a press conference at s -f- o tomorrow day to announce the new program. >> jacqueline: break out the winter coat we will need them or the next few days.
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cold front dropping down from canada. quite chilly tomorrow. with possible showers. 20s and 30s out the door. as we turn our attention uc this is the main band right here. were stand dry conditions. virtual smell all through the sierra. what chance of rain here locally. cloudy conditions at that hour.
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skies clearing. notice the skies are trying to clear so tomorrow morning in will be chilly but nowhere near as cold as wednesday and thursday. 41 in sunnyvale and livermore. today we were in the '60s. tomorrow just the low fifties. lofted peace everywhere else. it will get down right at frigid. >> jacqueline: talking
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temperatures in the 20's and 30's with the widespread fog. as for the sierra snow conditions. but dreyer here's a look at the extended forecast with wednesday and thursday buried very cold. clear skies with a blast of cold air. we will warm slightly as we head into the weekend. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: uc drivers have been the no u-turn sign for as long as they have been here. the issue is
8:47 pm
no one likes to be stuck in traffic but highboy 37 evening commute being stuck is the norm unless you ignore all of the signs. a short cut is making a u- turn also driving onto the parking lot making it illegal. >> we had cars jumped in front of people. >> reporter: the place of the wall to the gate right now drivers are >> reporter: drivers should contact the state for highway 37 in the near
8:48 pm
future drivers will be required to sign a waiver. as drivers try to figure out what to do some drivers are acting as if it's their first time. >> reporter: you do this all the time? >> yes is not my first time >> reporter: stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: gary will explain next with the sports!
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>> gary: yesterday's 49ers- rams game was chippy from the beginning 20 penalties called between both teams michael crabtree in his first game action this season had 2 catched for 68 yards including this 60 yarder it was the longest reception by a 49ers wide receiver this season >> reporter:vernon davis check this out as he hurdles the defender on his way to the end zone it was davis' 2nd hurdle over an opponent 4 catches 82 yards kapernick 19-28, 275 yards and this td anquan boldin also had a big game with 9 catches for 98
8:53 pm
yards 23-13 49ers here is boldin flanked by crabtree and kaepernick >>there is othing i the rule book that says you cant groin.from >> pam: yes boldin was with the other players taking kids on around the store. >> gary: know when this
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issue cannot tackle a man by hisgroin. >> reporter: i will not say what happened but he's an pang. he is and pan pain usc didn't waste any time. >> gary: was the 49ers be in a run for the super ball. superbowl so thursday night at 9:00 we will have a real interactive feel what the audience back
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and forth. >> gary: curry says when i say curry is the best or superstar am i crazy? >> the close of games last year was a stepping stone and that direction. superstar means you reach your potential and i cannot believe i've met mine. >> gary: if you love me talking to pam and jackie than you would definitely love me talking with staffing curry. sr stephen
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>> gary: >> gary: seattle seahawks stadium with the drooled breeze. 147 passing cab than davis and derrick coleman that is how it works with seattle these days. the beating new orleans tonight >> gary:sarkisian is the new coach >> gary:berry bonds had to pay ines fines $4100
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>> pam: will be back at 11:00 the night everyone
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. ( whirring ) ( snoring ) ( loud clattering ) ( whispers ): armando, wake up. what? shh! someone's in the house. ( clattering ) call 911. i can't find the phone. just... get in the closet.


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